Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heads Will Roll

I think canceling this opera is the right and proper thing to do. After all, Madonna cancelled her concert in Rome where she hung on a crucifix. Er, no, wait... But we never see federally funded art that shows, say, the Virgin Mary sculpted out of dung, or a picture of Pope John Paul II in a jar of urine. No, no, got that wrong too.

Hrmmm, maybe this might POSSIBLY be a different standard than other religions are held to. Wow. What are the odds? In Europe no less. It's a head-scratcher all right.

Still no Christian suicide bombers, Ms. O'Donnell. But we'll let you know.

1 comment:

Rhino said...

Actually, it was a crucifix suspended in a jar of urine. And you forgot the Virgin of Guadelupe that was a painting of the Virgin Mary with bare breasts.

Of course, much as the anti animal skin debate, would you rather insult the 300 lb biker, or the 98 lb woman wearing a fur coat. One will inflict bodily harm, the other will think you are a nut, and move on with their lives.