Thursday, March 26, 2009

More BSG thoughts

Some additional thoughts:

I was really really bummed that they didn't play "The Cylons were created by man" intro (or whatever) one more time. I don't think Bear even used the "pling pling pling pling" Cylon / Six theme in the finale. Oh, and did they drop "a home called Earth" for the last half of the season? I only noticed in the last ep.

Giving credit where credit is due: Of all the crazy stuff they came up with and tried to make make sense in the final two hours the thing that felt the most natural and satisfying was explaining the Opera House visions that Baltar / Six / Laura / Athena had.

Oh, yeah: Um, where's Xena? The last two hours of BSG ever and she's busy? Huh?

Poor Chief. On every level. You have to wonder what his life was like on Earth One?

Bear McCreary: Take a bow, sir. Your work just got better and better. Looking forward to the Season 4 CD. I sing "Roslin and Adama" to my daughter. (She likes it, but not as much as Beethoven's Ninth.)

I'm listening to the soundtracks for S1-3 and it's helping me remember the good parts. There was some great stuff. The three hour pilot. Starbuck down. The Hand of God. Pegasus. Scar. "One year later". The boxing match. Apollo's speech at Baltar's trial. Starbuck's return. The Cylon Civil War. Earth One. BSG took some stupid turns in the last few years and it was a far cry from the perfect that was the first season and a half. But I'll miss her.

So say we all.

Boom boom boom.


Jim said...

"Oh, yeah: Um, where's Xena? The last two hours of BSG ever and she's busy? Huh?"

She was the fox that gave up and drowned. She stayed behind on Earth 1.0 and presumably died from starvation. She was done.

Since she was the only Three left, it makes sense not to see her. It'd have to be a somewhat unnatural: "When you'd get back?" "Oh, the basestar came back and picked me up when it turned out you found a non-wasteland planet. Nice work!"

Tallguy said...

Ah yes. See how uninteresting season 4.5 was? I totally forgot that she stayed.